Carbon Offset Program

Eliminate Your Carbon Footprint with Chief Executive Air

Fly Green

Flying private is a luxury, but it can cause harmful effects on the environment. That’s why Chief Executive Air provides you with the opportunity to accept
the responsibility of keeping the environment clean and offset the carbon emissions created during your private flight. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of flying private and work with us to promote a cleaner environment
by sponsoring a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

How It Works

Through a partnership with TerrPass™, when purchasing carbon offsets, your money will fund the following leading
edge clean-air and efficiency projects that either reduce carbon from the environment or fund alternative clean energy source:

  1. CLEAN ENERGY, such as wind power
  2. FARM POWER, which makes good use of animal wastes
  3. LANDFILL GAS CAPTURE, which reduces the impact of our own waste

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Download the Carbon Offset Brochure


  Light Jet Mid-Size Jet Full-Size Jet
lbs of CO2 per Hour 4,431 6,330 11,078
Offset Cost per Hour $17.59 $25.12 $43.97